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Thursday, October 25, 2012 | 7:21 PM | 0 comments
heyy dear diary , 

Gemuk and me ♥

ehem ehem ehem . *batuk sikit* hewhew :3 di sini saya nak buat pengumuman sikit . setelah lame kepergian saya daripada blog ini , hari ini pada tanggal  25/10/2012 , saya nak umumkan bahawa saya dan Muhammad Azizul Hakim bin Mohamad Nasrun dah selamat menjalinkan hubungan selama 1 bulan 1 minggu . May both of us will be together untill Jannah :') InsyaAllah . pray for us kehh ? I love him soooooo much . and for those who wanna break our relationship , yes you may . but u'll have to step over my dead body first ! kehh ? I'm warning you . especially , YOU . *his EX*

Next , I'm going to Kuantan tonight for celebrating Hari Raya Aidiladha at my aunt's house . weeheeeeeee :D I'm soo excited to see my aunts and cousins . saya nak jenjalan baaaanyak baaanyak kat sane nanti . tu pun , kalau boleh laaaa kan ? hehe . last but not least , Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all muslims in this world . May God blessed us always . got to go . see you next time . love you all peeps :*

Examinations baybehh ;)
Saturday, October 6, 2012 | 3:28 AM | 0 comments
heyy dear diary , 

i'm missing you . long time no see rite ? miss you miss you miss you . hahahaha . my head turns upside down tonite . why ? don't know . stress maybe . hikhik . now i'm in the middle of having my final examination . and that's bad . i'm not prepared enough . having gap for 5 days to face another paper is not so good for my health . you know why ? because i'll be filling they up with my sweet little SLEEP . i love to sleep . feels like a G6 , heaven ! hehehe . only a few people that know me well will understand how i really love my sleep . and they are from my side too . kihkihkih . feels kinda lil'bit lonely tonite . that's why i'm here . to enjoy myself writing down for nothing . doesn't has any motif . a night before , i'd sign up for twitter . yes , TWITTER . i know nothing bout it . everybody that have twitter account says that twitter is not boring at all . but for me , it's wrong . maybe because i'm a newbie there , so i still don't know well how to use it . later on , i'll be pro . huhu . my eyes are sleepy , begging me to close them a.s.a.p . but i'm a "headrock" . i'll get to sleep as if i want to . this sunday , CiTU . next Tuesday , CSC 128 . and Friday , ACCOUNT . hell yeahh bebehh . hell yeahh ! Friday's paper is sooo annoyed . i hate account . and calculating , for sure . i hate everything about math . and i don't get it why i'm supposed to be in this faculty . eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . *head spinning around* i wanna go home ! seriously :( i miss my family . especially my siblings . depressed . ohh crap -,-" i'm having the difficult time now . i'm confused with myself . can't think properly . want to end this examination now ! wanna go home now ! wanna sleep now ! nite peeps . iloveyou . and yeahh , you too AH :) 

#mood exam turns on ==" . my examination ends this 19/10/2012 . hope i'll never have to repeat any subject . pray for me peeps . saranghae ♥ 

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